Reflecting Red, White & Blue

Left: Heartland Aesthetic — Center: Literal — Right: Combustable
Left: Divided Conscience — Center: Best Life — Right: Overlapping Obligations
Left: Hope — Right: Going Down?
Left: Everything — Right: Buy More, Spend More, Buy More, Spend More…
Left: Heft Of Our Ideals — Right: Officer Janus
Left: Full Of Shit — Center: Box of Memories — Right: American World Cup Hopes 2018
Left: Civilization? — Center: Blue Brooklyn Bridge — Right: Lights Are On, But…
Left: American Queen— Center: Obstructed View — Right: The Stuff Of History
Left: Big Glorious Wall Available For An Additional Charge — Right: Dick’s — Killer Prices!
Left — Even The Racoons… — Right: American Wake
Left: Permission Granted — Center — Working Together — Right: From Behind A Wall Of RW&B
Left: Mixed Bag — Center: Uber V. Taxi — Right: More Value Than I Can Stomach
Left: American Dreaming — Center: Opportunity — Right: Calling Out
Left: 911 — Center: Bad Marketing — Right: Dick’s — Phallus Overload
Left: Youth Group Retreat IRL SPAM — Right: You’re Ok, It’s The Other Lupes That Are The problem
Mustafa’s American Dream
Left: I Am Witness — Right: Hollow Truth



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Husband, Father, Photographer, Reader, Writer, Fundraiser, Food Lover, Good Cook, Knowledge Addicted — Sold everything in 2017 & moved to Madrid with my family.